Cinema Advertising Germany: Offers, Costs, Rates


How much does cinema advertising cost? Which are the best rates for movie theater advertising?
These are the most frequently asked questions to us - nearly every day. Quick answers could be easy: The prices range from a bicycle up to several sport cars, you can drive with all of them. But for professional advices, optimized media plannings and of course qualified offers according to your performance targets we need to know some significant details, whithout which we would not be able to proceed your request.


1. A minumum commercial length of 20 seconds (480 frames at 24 frames per second), longer in steps of 1 second (24 frames).
Most of our business partners use lengths ranging from 30 to 40 seconds (720 to 960 frames).

2. A minimum ad campaign duration of 1 “ad-week” (Thursdays to Wednesdays).
Cinema advertising runs weekly from Thursdays to Wednesdays. A typical national or supra-regional cinema campaign runs for 4 to 6 weeks continuously. In the case of late bookings very well attended screens might be sold out.the weeks of November and December.

3. A minimum location of 1 cinema or rather 1 screen within a single movie theater complex.
There are a host of possibilities: Nationwide more than 3,900 screens are available for advertisement with us. Depending on your requirements we are able to create a screen-by-screen-selection for screenings in selected towns, cities or cinemas. Nationwide and local.

4. A minimum order value of 9,900 EURO net.
For a budget of around 10,000 EURO it is possible to avertise on up to 100 selected screens in total in the Germany’s five largest cities Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt Main (CineCities A). This rough calculation is based on 20 seconds and one week. To receive a resonable advertising effectiveness we highly recommend an ad duration of not less than 4 weeks continuously. Payments have to be done in one amount 14 days in advance. Reverse Charge will be provided for net payments in EURO without value-added tax (VAT) within the European Union (EU), from Switzerland and other approved countries. For all of our offers and invoices the current VAT Registration Number (VAT Reg No) of the invoice recipient is required.

5. A lead time of 20 days.
A lot has to be done before your commercial can start: From a Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) of your video several Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) with individual meta-datas will be created (so please don’t supply us with finished DCPs) followed by processing, playout screen-by-screen, controlling, FSK film rating and even more. In the event of shorter-termed video supplies a timely release cannot be guarateed - but lost time will be charged in full, too.

We hope these first five steps are much useful to you. If you require any further details, please feel free to contact us. Please note that we do not provide any offers or services to private individuals and companies or institutions without a current VAT Registration Number (VAT Reg No)

We are an independent company specialized in cinema advertising nationwide. You can advertise with us in all available German cinemas with ad programs and not only in preselected ones or some movie theater chains. To support our customers quick and with high quality solutions we keep the complete digital cinema distribution technology available inhouse, such as Digital Cinema Distribution Mastering (DCDM), manufacturing of Digital Cinema Packages (DCP), playout, processing and controlling. In addition we take care of the statutory FSK film rating.

AND NOW: Please send us an e-mail and request an offer for your desired selection free of charge and without obligation.

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